How To Remove Toto Toilet Seat: An Easy-breezy Guide for Toilet Seat Removal

Isn’t it challenging to get the Toto toilet seat off? Well, you might think so, but the process is as simple as removing any other toilet seat. However, It’s important to know how to remove the Toto toilet seat correctly, as there are some minor differences between Toto toilets and others.

Before you can address the problem, you must first identify these subtle variances. Let me be more precise to assist you. Metal bolts and rubber covers for mounting the seat are the sole difference between Toto and other types. If you’d like to learn more and get a clearer picture of how to remove the Toto toilet seat, let’s find out. 

How to Remove Toto Toilet Seat?

How To Remove Toto Toilet Seat
How To Remove Toto Toilet Seat

Removing the toilet seat on a Toto toilet is quite similar to removing the seat on any other toilet. The main difference would be that the seat is presumably fastened using the metallic screws and rubber covers that Toto provides with its products. 

You should follow these steps to complete the job.

Look for the Bolts

The first job is to remove the bolts. In order to remove the bolts from the bottom of the toilet seat, look for the two coverings that hide them. 

They are each hinged, so you will need to pry up the other side that is across the hinge either with your fingers or maybe a screwdriver. This will allow you to access the bolt.

Unplug Each of the Bolts

While disassembling the bolt, hold the screw in order to remove the seat. Take it one step at a time. Make sure you have a large enough No. 2 Philips screwdriver to fit into the bolt slot before beginning. In most cases, the bolts don’t become stuck because of the friction created by the rubber sleeves that bind them to the toilet’s holes. 

Keeping the sleeve in place under the toilet will be necessary if the bolt twists with it. Attach locking pliers to the black sleeve that runs 2 inches under the bowl. Continue to tighten the screw until you can no longer spin the sleeve with the pliers handle in line with the porcelain bowl. The screw will thereafter be easy to remove.

Take Seat Out of Bowl

Now, it’s time to move on. After you have removed the two bolts, lift the seat away from the bowl. To finish the removal process, take a pair of pliers and grasp the tip of each sleeve. Then, pull each sleeve out from the gap in the vase using the pliers.

A Simple Alternative to Toto Toilet Seat Removal

Alternative to Toto Toilet Seat Removal

There are different ways to do this job. Let’s see another way, a more straightforward one. While you are pulling the washlet toward you, you should press the button. It won’t be difficult at all to remove the washlet from its mounting surface on the rear of the toilet. 

Then, remove the bolts holding the mounting plate, in the same manner, you would remove the bolts holding a standard toilet seat. You can use the regular bolts and nuts made of plastic to fasten the Toto toilet seat in place.

What are The Toto Toilet Hinge Bolts?

What are The Toto Toilet Hinge Bolts

Toto is famous for its automatic bidets or washlets. If you’re replacing your toilet seat, you’ll need to follow the same steps as if you were replacing a standard toilet seat

There is just one difference. And what’s that you might ask. Well, the seat is presumably fastened in place using the metal bolts and rubber sleeves included with Toto products. 

Toilet Seat Removal Video

Bottom Line

Toto toilet seats can be easily removed by following the steps outlined in this article. The only distinctive aspects of the Toto are the metal screws and rubber coverings. Now that you know how to remove a Toto toilet seat, there’s no need to look any further. 

For this issue, you can follow the above-mentioned steps, and the job will be done. Here we have discussed the whole thing in a digestible way for you so that you can do it easily.


Is it hard to change a toilet seat?

Toilet seat installation or replacement wouldn’t be a difficult task. To replace your toilet seat, all you’ll need are a few basic tools such as screwdrivers, drivers, drills, safety glass, etc., and some patience.

Where are the toilet seat bolts located on a Toto Washlet?

A Toto washlet, a heated seat with an automatic bidet, makes the process more enigmatic because of the washlet’s ability to entirely enclose and conceal the bolts. 

Metallic bolts and rubber covers are still there after you remove the washlet. Behind the toilet seat, you’ll find two covers that conceal the bolts that hold the seat in place.

How can you replace a Toto toilet seat with a skirt?

You first insert it into the hole, then screw it in until it’s secure. Clamping it in place is possible for the threads moving a cam. It’s as simple as loosening the screws and yanking it out.

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