How Does a Pressure Assisted Toilet Work? Best Strong Flush Toilet

How does a pressure-assisted toilet work? What are the pros and cons of these toilets? These are the common questions if you are new to using a pressure-assisted bathroom.

This type of toilet is an excellent alternative to gravity-fed toilets. The pressure-assisted toilet provides a powerful flush using less water than the old toilets. 

Every homeowner looks for high-efficiency toilets. For them, this toilet is a great option. Unfortunately, though many people are using such a type, most do not know how pressure-assisted toilets work. So, we have come up with a simple description. 

What do You Mean By Pressure Assist Toilet?

What do you mean by pressure assist toilet
What do you mean by pressure assist toilet

Generally, most of the traditional toilets work on water pressure. But in the case of a pressure-assisted bathroom, it uses the combination of pressurized air and water pressure to flush

We know that typical toilets work on the gravity-flush principle. It uses gravity to use water from the water tank to the toilet bowl.

On the other hand, a pressure-assist uses air pressure to flush the waste out. So, it is more potent than the typical toilets. For this reason, it is a good option for commercial settings.

From the name, you may understand its’ flushing power. You will find many options and styles of pressure-assisted toilets. So, you can take it as the best flushing toilet for your home.

Read out the best pressure-assisted toilets review here to pick some of the best toilets available in the market. 

How does a Pressure Assisted Toilet Work?

How does a pressure assisted toilet work
How does a pressure assisted toilet work

Now we know the details of how a pressure-assisted toilet works. The appearance of a pressure-assist bathroom is similar to a typical toilet. The difference is in the tank. Instead of a ceramic tank, it contains a well-sealed plastic tank.

In this plastic tank, plastic and air stay together. When you flush your toilet, water comes out from the tank under air pressure. So, it creates a strong blast of water into the bathroom.

Then, the tank again refills with water and air. After flushing, a valve allows filling the tank with air and water like a typical toilet.

There are two tanks in the pressure-assisted toilet and, one tank is settled in another one. Water from the tank comes to the toilet bowl just like a standard toilet and washes the waste into the pipeline.

Two Tanks of The Pressure Assisted Toilets

Two tanks of the pressure assisted toilets
Two tanks of the pressure assisted toilets

The pressure-assisted toilet has two tanks that make it more efficient because it uses compressed air with water. This type of toilet is common for commercial uses. But nowadays, it is getting popular in residential houses.

However, the smaller tank is inside the main tank. It contains an air bladder that carries both water and air in it. When a flush is done, air pressure works with water and expels it.

So, we get a powerful flush removing the waste entirely from the toilet bowl. After completing the flush, the fill valve refills the air bladder and water to repeat the cycle.

Pros and cons of Pressure-assisted toilet

Nowadays, the pressure-assisted toilet gets popular. It is a good choice for homeowners. As an excellent investment of your money, you can choose this type for your home. 

If you search, you will quickly get a pressure-assisted comfort height toilet. Let’s know the pros and cons of this power flush toilet.

Pressure Assisted Toilet Pros:

  • High enough for solid, robust flush
  • Not necessary to clean the bathroom frequently 
  • Powerful Flushing tech
  • Less water usage 
  • Two tank design 
  • Low maintenance cost and time
  • Clog-free usage 

Pressure Assisted Toilet Cons: 


Now you know how a pressure-assisted toilet works and its pros and cons. So, now you are wise enough to choose a particular model.

Hopefully, you can choose on your own now, can’t you? Talk to the plumbing contractor and install a suitable toilet for your home situation. Have a nice toilet buddy! Adios!

Pressure Assisted Toilets FAQs

Is a pressure assist toilet worth it? 

Ans: At the first glance, pressure-assist toilets may seem a bit expensive and costly. That’s true. But everything good comes at a cost. Pressure assist toilets are worth the money you spend, for they are durable and reliable products. 

Are pressure assist toilets dangerous? 

Ans: Normally, these toilets are not dangerous at all. However, if you use it with much more pressure and a considerable solid object, the tank may explode. The possibility is rare whatsoever.

What is the difference between comfort height and chair height toilets? 

Ans: There’s isn’t any significant difference between comfort height and chair height toilets. Toilets of 17 inches or more are known as chair height. 

On the contrary, Kohler CO uses comfort height to mean the same product. It’s just a term used by this specific brand Kohler. 

Can I convert my toilet to a power flush system? 

To be precise, anyone can change a normal toilet to a power flush system. It’s not a big deal. The power flush system works with the bladder compressing some air to push the waste with the air pressure. This works pretty well. 

Are pressure assist toilets expensive? 

Pressure-assisted toilets are more expensive than common toilets. However, they are reliable and solid products. So the cost is not expensive in that way. 

You need to repair or replace a normal toilet very often. But a pressure-assist toilet will last longer without any problematic issues. 

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