How to Remove Black Plunger Marks From the Toilet Bowl?

Are you struggling with the black spots on your toilet bowl? A clean toilet bowl is essential to maintain good toilet hygiene. The biggest problem with the toilet bowls is developing black plunger marks. It isn’t easy to get rid of these spots. 

Most people are struggling with these black plunger streaks in the toilet bowls. Who doesn’t want a clean white toilet bowl, right? That’s why we have tested some methods to help you out with how to remove black plunger marks from the toilet bowl. 

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Why Does my Toilet Get Black Streaks?

To be honest, your toilet bowl can get black streaks for many reasons. You have to know about the causes of black streaks first. Let’s start with the causes of black spots on the toilet bowl. 

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Hard water problem 

One of the significant reasons for black streaks is the hard water. It creates toxic minerals like manganese and brownish spots with heavy water flow. However, it also blocks your toilet pipelines. You can’t get rid of this issue quickly because it has acidic components that can’t be gone forever. 

Fungus, molds, and bacteria issues

Sometimes you can notice some pink color spots on your toilet bowl. These spots are fungus or bacteria. As toilet hygiene is the most important thing, you must clean up the mold and mildews as soon as possible. 

Otherwise, it can cause urine infections, wound infections, and other hygiene issues. Fungus or bacterias have harmful antibiotic-resistant germs. Besides, diabetic people can be the reason for heavy molds because they release extra sugar with urine.

Pipe corrosion stains 

Rusty pipes can be a reason for black streaks. If you don’t replace or clean your toilet pipes, they can get corrosion over time. It is also related to acidic water stains. Most metal pipes develop corrosion for the chemical buildup and oxidation of oxygen. Thus, removing the metal streaks from the toilet bowl is difficult.

How do you Remove Black Marks on a Toilet Bowl? 

After knowing the causes, you can find some methods to solve them. Here we will inform you about the standard methods of removing black marks from a toilet bowl. This method applies to all toilet types. 

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Fix 1- Using acidic cleaners. 

  • First of all, you can purchase premium acidic toilet cleaners. These cleaners contain harsh chemicals, so they might help you remove the hard water stains, elbow grease, and molds.
  • You need to sprinkle the cleaner and spread it through the toilet bowl. Wait for 15 to 30 minutes. 
  • After that, use a toilet brush to clean it up as you clean your toilets regularly. We recommend using Lysol toilet cleaner because it cleanses all stains within minutes. Also, you can use muriatic acid toilet cleaners. 
  • Remember to wear toilet cleaning rubber gloves while using toilet cleaners. 

Fix 2- Using baking soda and vinegar mix 

  • Start with making the mix first. Take baking soda or borax and sprinkle it into the stains. 
  • Spread it with a toilet brush. 
  • Then you have to spray the white vinegar on the toilet bowl. 
  • Keep it for 15 to 30 minutes and rinse with hot water.
  • Nevertheless, it can be a magic eraser for toilet spots. You should try it repeatedly till the streaks are visible.
  • It can be more effective for metal spots and rust stains. Yet, you can also try dish soap to remove mildews.

Fix:3- Using Coca-Cola or soda 

  • Many people recommended cleaning the black stains with Coca-Cola or soda. You must pour soda into the toilet ring and bowl rim and leave it for one or two hours. 
  • Take a toilet brush and scrub over the soda. 
  • Finally, you must press the flush to rinse it. It can help to remove toilet stains, especially mold spots. Thus, you can get rid of the clogged toilet using soda. 

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How to Get Rid of Metal Marks off a Toilet Bowl 

Well, you can use bleaching powder to remove metal marks from your toilet bowl. But one of the effective ways of removing metal streaks is using a pumice stone. 

  • You must take a pumice stone and scrub the stains with heavy pressure to solve this problem. 
  • However, it might damage the toilet bowl for a little bit. It will help remove the metal spots from the toilet bowl quickly. 
  • After scrubbing, you need to rinse and flush it. This cleaning method can help to remove stubborn stains. 

Final Thought 

After all these, you know how to remove black plunger marks from the toilet bowl. If you keep your toilet frequently, you can prevent these spots. Regardless you can clean the bacteria, fungus, and mildew. But it is not possible to avoid mineral buildup. 

Choosing a suitable chemical cleaner and toilet brush with silicone bristles can make your work easier. Clean your toilet seat and check the water supply of the toilet tank. Keep your toilet hygiene secure. The following steps will remove the black spots as early as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you repair a scratched toilet bowl? 

You can repair it for temporary use. But it is better to replace the scratched toilet bowl as soon as possible because it isn’t possible to remove the scratches. 

Does pumice stone scratch the toilet bowl? 

Yes. Basically, pumice stone helps to clean metal marks. But dry pumice stone can scratch the marble, laminate, porcelain, and fiberglass toilets. It would be wise to use wet pumice stones. 

Can I leave the vinegar in the toilet overnight?

Yes. You can leave the vinegar in the toilet for a night. Furthermore, you can spread baking soda the next day to clean the toilet bowl stains.

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