How Does a Saniflo Toilet Work? -You Should know For Long Time Use.

If you are going to add a new toilet most efficiently, you should learn how does saniflo toilet works. Saniflo makes this impossible work possible using macerator technology. It is an innovative method that creates a new bathroom installation handy.

To make this method clear to you, we are here with all information to describe the working process. So, now you are tension-free to turn a room into a bathroom without direct access to the outflow pipe.

The Saniflo system works on macerator technology. And the process is very efficient and useful. It works with rotating blades. The whole process we have described here.

What Is a Saniflo Toilet?

What Is a Saniflo Toilet 1
What Is a Saniflo Toilet 1

A saniflo toilet, also called a siphon jetted toilet, is an innovative design that uses the power of gravity to move waste through your sewer system.

This type of toilet does not need water to operate and can be installed in any bathroom without worry about clogs or spills.

Saniflo toilets are safe for children and seniors and can help eliminate unnecessary water use from regular flush toilets. Their design also allows for use in areas where there is no access to sewage, such as on boats, campers, and RVs.

Saniflos can be installed indoors or outdoors and come with a range of features depending on your needs: low profile models for tight spaces; dual-flush models that offer both 1.6 gallon per flush (GPF) and 0.8 GPF options.

How Does a Saniflo Toilet System Work?

How Does a Saniflo Toilet System Work
How Does a Saniflo Toilet System Work

A saniflo toilet system is an efficient way to remove waste from your home. It’s a sealed system, which means that it doesn’t need any additional venting for the appliance to work.

This can save homeowners money on their monthly energy bill since no outside air enters into the home when it is in use. The unit uses less water than standard flush toilets so you also get to save some money on your water bill every month.

A saniflo toilet system is a self-contained, gravity-fed toilet that can be installed in bathrooms where space is limited. It’s called a “saniflo” because it uses the power of water to flush away waste into the septic tank or sewer line.

The compact size and design make it perfect for small spaces like apartments, homes, mobile homes, boats, and RVs. Saniflos are appropriate for most installations but you should contact your local plumbing professional before installing one yourself if at all possible.

Saniflous also has various features including – Silent operation so as not to disturb occupants; – A durable stainless-steel finish resisting corrosion; – Built-in airtight gasketing for added protection.

Working process of Saniflo Toilets

Working process of Saniflo Toilets
Working process of Saniflo Toilets

Macerate means to soften or churn something up. This technology helps to dispose of the waste quickly. It is the main principle of Westaway toilets. 

For example, after flushing a Saniflo toilet, the waste goes to the macerator unit. The blade rotates at an incredible speed and cuts the solid waste and toilet paper. 

At first, the waste stored in a toilet tank that is linked to the outlet. After rising to a particular level, a trigger works as the internal sensor. Then the microswitch starts, and the blades start working.

The inlet valves close temporarily to the macerator. During this time, the blades work at full speed to make the solid into a liquid. After making it liquid, all the inlet valves open, and the material pumps away.

Working process of the pump

Though the pump unit of a Saniflo toilet is small, it comes with reliable power. The job of the Saniflo pump is to dispose of all the liquid.

The pump expels the waste liquid through a pipe. This part works efficiently and does not depend on its place. So, you can arrange a new unit anywhere.

Saniflo toilet parts

Saniflo upflush toilet is not developed on the technology of a regular bathroom. Instead, it breaks up the waste with a blade. A centrifugal pump works there to flush water and remove the trash to the drainage system. 

This toilet type is now getting immense popularity all over the world. The number of principal components of this toilet system is four. Let’s get familiar with these parts.


The impeller is a part that powers up the Saniflo pump. Thus, the waste goes through the discharge part and finally gets out of the system.


The microswitch is an essential part of the toilet. When it starts working, the impeller also starts working.


It is the part that makes it different from another toilet system. It contains some blades that work together to cut the human waste into pieces. Then the flush water washes them away through the pipeline.

Float switch

Before going to the disposal pipe, the waste stays in the toilet tank. The float switch starts to bring water to the tank according to the amount of waste. 

Then after raising it to a certain level, the float switch detects the water pressure and activates the microswitch to remove the waste.

Saniflo toilet vs normal toilet

Saniflo toilet vs normal toilet
Saniflo toilet vs normal toilet

The Saniflo toilet system works very efficiently with all of its parts. However, the main difference between a Saniflo toilet and a regular toilet is their discharge method. The discharge method of Saniflo is based on macerating technology.

The system contains two main components called saniflo macerator and saniflo pump. Toilets with a macerator include rotating blades like a blender. After a flush, the blade rotates and makes the solid waste mixing with the water. 

Then the pump starts working to move the slurry through a discharge pipe. The waste goes to the sewage system or the holding tank. 

Normal toilets on the other hand, discharge the waste as it is. Therefore, the clogging of the toilets is quite normal in ordinary toilets.

If you find this interesting, find out some of the best saniflo toilets in our saniflo toilets review. 

Pros and cons of Saniflo toilet

If you see Saniflo reviews, you may find that this toilet type is trendy, and most reviews are positive. But everything has both advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s weigh the Pros and cons of Saniflo toilets.

Saniflo toilet Pros:

  • Easy installation process
  • Rare chance of clogging
  • Separate pumps for waste removal
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Durable product that usually last 10-15 years
  • Needs less energy to flush

Saniflo toilet Cons:


At this point, I believe you know how saniflo toilets work. Well, we have described the pros and cons along with the different parts of these upflush toilets

Hopefully, you find the information helpful and handy. Here we leave you, buddy!

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