How to Unblock a Macerator Toilet? Easy Steps to Go!

The majority of households have macerator toilets. They flush waste from below the drainage system. That have strong and silent toilet systems, and problems often arise. 

They are not limited to macerator pumps malfunctioning, clogging, or even breaking. The task of unclogging a toilet is unpleasant. You’ll probably have to get your hands dirty. 

Follow This article guides you on How to Unblock a Macerator Toilet to save both your bathroom and yourself.

Reasons Which Block a Macerator Toilet

Reasons Which Block a Macerator Toilet

The most frequent problem is that the machine continues to operate even after being turned off. This might occur for a variety of reasons. To point out some-

  • A clogged pump 
  • The toilet’s inside rubber membrane has deteriorated.
  • The outline pipe has a clog outside of it.
  • The micro switch is misfiring.

The simplest way to fix this is to switch off the power supply, remove the cover and then unclog it. Unfortunately, most of the time, some kind of debris or tissue paper is lodged in the blade.

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How to Unblock a Macerator Toilet? 

How to Unblock a Macerator Toilet
How to Unblock a Macerator Toilet

The Macerator Toilet Is Vibrating and making unnecessary noise. Something may have been lodged in the macerator’s blade mechanism. Dressing in ancient, dirty-looking clothing is the primary step to the floor before attempting to unclog any toilet. 

First, find some thick rubber gloves. If gloves are unavailable, two good plastic bags can work as a substitute. Remember to protect your floor from any filth. To cover the bottom and soak up any spilled water, spread down some plastic wrap or old newspaper. 

Next, Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. If there are no protective courses available, put on your sunglasses.

Elaborating the steps on How to Unblock a Macerator Toilet– 

Removing the waste

Make a single, long, straight wire out of the wire coat hanger. Once the wire is in position, kneel down and insert the wire into the toilet. Check to see whether you can feel the obstruction by pushing the wire around the curve. 

It could take some time to feel the obstruction, but once you do, start pushing and pushing the obstruction until it dissolves. Once more, it can take some time and a lot of push-pull repetition until you get it crystal clear.

Reminder: Use caution when inserting the wire into the toilet.

A sharp point might easily scratch your toilet. 

If this step doesn’t work, you may need a technician.  The technician will need to use a set of pliers to remove the waste. And he needs to rotate the blade in a counterclockwise direction for safe disposal.

Cleansing the macerator toilet

If the blockage is cleared, all that is left to do is take it from the toilet and place it in a trash bag.

Avoid trying to flush it again since it will probably only become clogged. Then you need to take out the macerator pump carefully. Then, flip the motor upside down to examine the pump compressor blades.

Clean the waste

Next, the technician must clean up the waste using a similar set of pliers, installing the macerator toilet’s motor again.

It’s time to empty the pipe now that the obstruction has been removed. Pour the bucket of hot water into the bathroom as it flushes, around waist height.

The water’s increased pressure will clear any remaining obstruction, and the hot water will break up any bigger particles.

Note: Avoid using hot water as it might cause your toilet to break. 

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Macerator Toilet Problems and Solutions 

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Macerator Toilet Problems and Solutions

The Macerator toilet owners face certain problems often. Here are some of them.

Rubber membrane

The Macerator toilet comes with a rubber membrane. Rubber has several disadvantages, including the potential for long-term damage from water pressure. 

In addition, a malfunctioning rubber membrane on the macerator toilet allows waste to enter. The only viable solution is to replace the system entirely. Ensure to seek professional help if it comes down to this. 

Tripping the electrics

Macerator toilet pumps that trip the electrics are to be treated with caution. Sometimes the water might enter into it. In such a scenario, the circuit will shut down to prevent additional damage. 

Not flushing the water thoroughly. 

Excessive bleach or any toilet cleaning liquid causes the air vent on your macerator to foam. This is also risky since the motor overheats and stops operating if the toilet cannot flush the water out entirely. 

Frozen water pipes 

A common issue might be the macerator is operating but not removing the waste from the area. This indicates that The waste pipes are frozen. The tubes in the macerator can freeze much like those in a central heating system might.

Wrap Up

So Now you know how to unblock a Macerator toilet, right? If you face anything serious, please contact a certified plumber. 

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