Sewage Ejector System vs Upflush Toilet: Which is the Best Option for Your Bathroom? 

Sewage Ejector System vs Upflush Toilet: Which is the Best Option for Your Bathroom? A good drainage system is essential for composting toilets. Who doesn’t want to keep the bathroom hygienic, right? Along with that, choosing an appropriate drainage system is quite challenging. 

It is better to plan the sewer line system before plumbing your regular toilet. There are many choices for drainage methods available. Among all of them, sewage ejector systems and upflush toilets are standard. 

In that case, you can be confused between these drainage methods. That’s why I came up with the idea of Sewage Ejector System vs. Upflush toilet.

A Quick Overview of the Sewage Ejector System and Upflush Toilet 

If you are in a hurry, you can understand the comparison between the Sewage ejector and the upflush toilet at a glance. 

Specifications Sewage Ejector system Upflush toilet 
Cleaning features In-depth cleansing capacity Medium cleansing capacity 
Portability Not portable Portable 
Valves Comes up with check valves Includes front flush valves 
Durability Lasts for 20 to 30 years Lasts for 10 to 15 years 
Efficiency High Average 
Ease of use Comfortable Good 
Installation EasyComplicated 
PriceAffordable Expensive 

Sewage Ejector System Vs. Upflush Toilet: Head-to-Head Comparison

Here, I will compare the Sewage Ejector System and the Upflush toilet system. You can easily decide which one is convenient for you. So, let’s start with features. 

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Before buying a toilet drainage mechanism, you must look into the features to know the durability.

Furthermore, the powerful vent mechanism in the Sewage ejector balances pumping pressure and gas release. This drainage mechanism saves water and removes waste from the core.

On the other hand, the Upflush toilet is portable. You can move it if you want. But once you set up the sewage ejector, you can’t move it anywhere. The Upflush toilet comes with a macerator pump. It is better than grinder pumps.

Nevertheless, the sewage ejector system offers a septic tank, discharge pipe, vent pipe, and water pipeline. 

Luckily, you can install it on your existing toilet. For an Upflush toilet, you must modify your current bathroom a little. 

Yet, the sewage ejector doesn’t require electricity to operate the septic tank. Macerating toilet tank needs electricity to function. It is suitable for a macerating toilet.

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Cleaning capacity 

While plumbing a drainage mechanism for your bathroom, you should know about the cleansing capacity. I think having a clean toilet and maintaining good hygiene is necessary. 

Plumbing a Sewage Ejector system can cleanse your bathroom profoundly and helps to get rid of heavy stains. For deep cleansing, there is no other option as better as Sewage Ejector. You can install it into a traditional toilet.

Let me talk about the cleaning capacity of Upflush toilets. Regardless it doesn’t have as strong cleansing power as a Sewage Ejector pump. It comes up with mediocre cleaning capacity.

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Consider checking valves when you are plumbing a toilet pumping system. Valve is one of the essential features of this system. However, the Sewage Ejector system has been made of check valves. 

This equipment attaches the sewer line to the toilet pipeline. It blocks the wastewater flow from returning to the sewage tank or toilet. It helps to get rid of foul odors.

In comparison, Upflush bathrooms offer front flush valves. One drawback of the front flush toilet system is the wastewater can return to your bathroom if it leaks. 

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You can use the sewage ejector if you are looking for a highly efficient drainage mechanism.

Moreover, it comes up with high-efficiency power. This sewer line system can be your best choice to eliminate wastewater. 

But Upflush toilets provide average effectiveness. It can drain out the wastage temporarily. For long-time drainage, you must choose the sewage ejector for cleaning the wastewater. 

Ease of use 

Both the drainage systems is easy to use. Compared to an Upflush toilet, the sewage ejector is easier and more comfortable. 

In case of using the Upflushing toilet, you must press the flushing button. However, it works better than a conventional toilet

The sewage ejector can flush the solid waste without pressing any button. Plumbing an upflush toilet can clean wastewater. But sometimes, it can leak solid waste. 


Installing the sewer system is essential for getting rid of wastewater on your toilet. Sewage ejector requires codes and regulations during installation. Hereafter, you must consider what to do with the codes and regulations. Let me explain. 

You have to find out the codes and regulations from your building management to get the installation permission of the sewage ejector and sump pump. It is better for the basement toilet lift station. Thus, you can install it on the sewer line above the basement.

An Upflushing toilet works more effectively than a regular toilet. Thus, plumbing the liberty pumps and tank nearby to hinder the toilet bowl and paper stand will be convenient for you. These sewer systems should be installed far from the shower space.


In case of cost, the sewage ejector comes up at a budget-friendly price. But upflush toilets are expensive. Some of them can be out of your budget. The installation cost of an upflush bathroom is higher than a sewage ejector. 


The sewage system is available for a  standard toilet, sump basin, and sink. Most countryside areas have sewage ejector systems in their bathrooms.  

You can use your basement bathroom plumbing with an ejector pump. Thus, it is compatible with the basement floor and concrete floor.

On the contrary, you can use the upflush toilet on every toilet. Besides, the difference between these toilet systems is usage capacity. 

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Final Thoughts 

Considering all these, you can understand the winner of the Sewage Ejector System vs Upflush Toilet debate. 

I will suggest a plumbing sewage ejector system on your toilet. Choosing this system can be a game changer for maintaining excellent toilet hygiene. Also, it comes at an affordable price. So I hope you can easily afford the sewage ejector. 

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