Saniaccess 3 Review in 2023 | Saniaccess Macerator Pump

Waste pumping system plays the most important role in the bathroom installation process. Hence, everyone wants a high-efficient pumping system with powerful features and benefits.

The Saniflo saniaccess 3 macerator pump is an ideal option for your bathroom. This two-piece toilet system is suitable for everywhere.

Saniaccess 3 macerator pumps are effective in channeling wastewater to an elected disposal pipe. Moreover, it is the result of two specific chambers. One is a pressure switch, and the other one is a pump. 

There are two main reasons for its familiarity: quick installation and easy maintenance. This saniaccess 3 review about the benefits, features and drawbacks of this toilet.

Saniflo SaniAccess3 | Saniaccess Macerator Pump | SaniAccess3 Elongated Toilet

Features of Saniaccess 3 Macerator Pump

Features of saniaccess 3 macerator pump
Features of saniaccess 3 macerator pump

The Saniaccess 3 pump is suitable for domestic and office usage. Users can easily use it with a shower, single WC, washbasin, and bidet. 

This unique dual access toilet comes with two discrete chambers. Also, the toilet has an elongated bowl to ensure uttermost comfort for users’ legs. Let’s take a quick drive into the promising features of this toilet.


Well, saniflo never compromises the quality of the toilet products. They always make sure that the toilet contains high-standard porcelain. The Macerator tank of this toilet is also of porcelain material. 

These materials are easy to clean and durable enough for longer use. The elongated bowl feature will help users to get ultimate comfort. You can sit and relax on the toilet.

Flushing system

Saniaccess 3 toilets have a unique flushing system and powerful water consumption process. It requires less water than other products available on the market. Flushing this toilet works so fast that it can dispose of waste in just 10 to 12 minutes. 

To activate the microswitch in the pressure chamber, you need to push the flush valve. Water will flow into the toilet, and the motor will get started. 

This flush kit contains a sealed motor covered with an oil-filled container. Its macerator blades are capable of rotating at a rate of 3600 rotations per minute. 

When the blades start to rotate, they turn the organic waste into slurry objects. Then eject them into a container through the grill. 

All the waste is plucked by the pump and destroyed completely. The motor switch will deactivate when the water goes down. Also, you can use it with bathtubs, showers, and urinals as it can discharge greywater. 

Other features

This two-piece toilet uses noise-reducing technology to operate the process. This particular toilet kit is designed with a convenient cover. So one can use it and clean it without removing the unit. 

Also, it has two low-level side connection inlets. For single-use, one of the inlets is an optimal choice. Needless to say, it is perfect for a new bathroom installation. 

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Saniflo SaniAccess3 Reviews

How Saniaccess 3 Macerator Pumps Works 

How Saniaccess 3 macerator pumps works
How Saniaccess 3 macerator pumps works

Each part of this flush kit needs to work together to run. All parts and working procedures of each part are below:

The Toilet

It consists of two designs. You can either choose a round or elongated toilet. Round toilets are more comfortable than elongated toilets.

Round toilets are more space-saving and convertible. But elongated toilets are more durable. And they have bigger bowls than round toilets.

The macerator

Macerator plays the most important role in the whole process. Here, toilet paper, water, and waste are ground together and plumped out by the pump. This chamber contains a motor, blade, pump, and pressure chamber. 

Extension pipe

This is the optional chamber, and you can buy it separately. If the user wants to install a macerating unit behind the toilet wall, you can link it with the unit. So, this is how all the parts of the Saniaccess 3 toilet works.

Pros and Cons of Saniaccess 3 macerator pump

Every single product has some pros and cons. However, Saniaccess 3 macerator pump complaints are very rare. Here,  we detailed Saniaccess 3 macerator pumps pros and cons for your benefits. Let’s look at these.


  • Easy installation
  • Dual access toilet process
  • Premium quality material
  • Elongated shaped bowl system
  • Use less water to process
  • Available plugging system with bathroom, shower and urinals.


  • Noisy process
  • Only available in one color
  • Requires a professional plumber for installation.

Saniflo Saniaccess 3- Things you should know Before Buying

Saniflo Saniaccess 3 Things you should know before buying
Saniflo Saniaccess 3 Things you should know before buying

Nowadays, the saniaccess three-macerator pump has become everyone’s prime choice. You may ask why? For it provides great performance and unique features.

Still, you should consider some factors before buying this two-piece toilet. Keep reading to know about the prime consideration.  


Before buying saniflo, saniaccess 3 checks the materials and designs of the toilet. Make sure the macerator is made with premium quality porcelain. Check if it has oval bowl features or not to ensure maximum comfort.

Flushing system

Check the flushing system before purchasing this standard quality toilet. Also, check the flushing power and water consumption process. This toilet’s flush valve and the microswitch are so powerful that the whole disposal procedure takes only 10 to 15 seconds.


Before buying one saniflo saniaccess 3, check the warranty of the product. Most of the saniflo products come with a two-year warranty. 

Moreover, it has countless positive feedback and a 100% customer satisfaction rate. If a customer follows the instructions properly, he will use them for a long time. 

Saniaccess 3 vs saniplus

Saniplus and saniaccess 3 pump virtual appearance and features are almost the same. There are some differences between these two durable pumps.

Saniaccess 3 is more flexible and easy to operate. This particular pump is made with a modular layout to get easy access to the macerating blades. 

One can easily fix problems related to the clog in an emergency. But, saniplus does not provide this benefit.

Saniaccess 3 installation process

The installation process of this two-piece toilet is quite straightforward. If you don’t have enough plumbing knowledge, you might need a professional plumber’s help. For a little knowledge, you can read How to install a macerating toilet.

However, all kinds of installation instructions are there with the product. One can install it if one follows the user manual. 

The good part is that users don’t have to connect the toilet to a water supply. Don’t forget to connect the macerator with the power supply as it operates through electricity.

Saniaccess 3 troubleshooting

Demand for Saniaccess 3 toilets is rising daily for its powerful flushing system and easy maintenance. Yet, users face trouble during operating this effective toilet machine. 

Saniaccess 3 macerator pumps are more likely to break, fail or block. Here we will provide some of the common problems faced by the customers. 

Difficult to switch off

It’s annoying when you can’t turn off the pump. Sometimes it’s become difficult to turn off Saniflo Saniaccess 3. 

This problem occurs when the user keeps flushing even after the macerator is clear. Users will also face trouble if a blockage in the macerator or the rubber membrane is problematic. 

Pump vibrant frequently

Sometimes, you may hear a horrible vibrating sound while flushing the toilet. It’s because some object is in the macerator blade. You need the help of a professional service engineer to fix the problem.

Starts randomly

Sometimes the pump starts randomly. Many customers complain that it starts at any time, whether it’s day or night. If you also face this hassle, then check the microswitch. You can see it if the waste is lodged between the floor and the switch.

Smell Bad

Sometimes the pump smells bad. Suppose your saniflo pump is brand new, then clean it properly. Follow saniflo pump instructions carefully in terms of cleaning and using the pump. 

Try to avoid general bleach or chemical wash. These cleaning materials can damage pump components.  

Electrical power damage

Another common scenario is the malfunction of the motor pump. Hence, examine the pump. Then, turn off the power supply before starting the examination process.

This problem starts when a thermal cut occurs in pump electrics. Or, the motor seal becomes invalid. You can fix it by yourself.


How long will Saniaccess 3 toilets last?

Saniaccess 3 toilets are reliable for their optimal performance and success rate. You can use it for 10 to 15 years. These toilets can last for years without any accidental damage. Users can flush more than ten times in a day.

Do Saniaccess 3 Toilets Smell?

Do Saniaccess 3 toilets smell
Do Saniaccess 3 toilets smell

Well, Saniaccess 3 toilets don’t always smell bad. But sometimes, it releases a bad smell if the pump doesn’t work. Check if there are 2 inches of wastewater left or not. Damaged macerators are the main reason behind the smell of Saniaccess 3 toilets.

How to clean the Saniaccess 3 toilet?

Due to porcelain construction, it’s easy-breezy to clean the Saniaccess 3 toilet. All you need is some wipes, cleaner, and a brush to scrub the toilet.

Make sure to clean all the parts one by one. You can use the optional hard water cleaning system to get a clean toilet. 

Final Word

In conclusion, there is no better option than  Saniaccess 3 macerator pump and toilet kit. It is one of the cheapest methods to furnish your bathroom with flush toilets and a macerator pump.

Now it may come to your mind that, is it worthy?? Is it any good? Well, this toilet kit contains everything that a user wants, from a macerator pump and a commode. So, it’s a fair investment for homeowners.

We are ending our review here. I hope you like our effort and gather enough knowledge to make the right decision.

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