How To Install An American Standard Toilet? Step by Step Guideline!

We use the toilet daily and can’t picture life without it. Over time, your toilet seat will develop frequent problems and break, requiring a new toilet seat. Though there are various options, the American Standard toilet seat is the best.

American Standard has been in business for 140 years. They make toilets with innovative features to improve daily life and have the appropriate toilet for you with self-cleaning, water-saving, traditional, and modern designs. Their toilets are the greatest in performance, durability, and pricing.

When it’s time to change your toilet seat, you may believe it’s easy. But if you are not an expert, then this would be slightly difficult. In this article, How To Install An American Standard Toilet, we will share how easy it is to do it. 

Measure The Toilet Seat 

Measure The Toilet Seat 

Figuring out how to get the correct dimensions for a new toilet seat is easy. Knowing the rough size of your current toilet before buying a new one is essential. 

Some toilets have a waste pipe 10 or 14 inches from the back wall, despite the standard being 12 inches. A simple measurement from the wall to the toilet’s hold-down bolts should reveal any issues.

You’ll need to measure four things about your toilet: its length, width, height, and the distance between its mounting holes.

  • To determine the total length, insert one end of the measuring tape into one of the mounting holes and extend the other end to the front of the bowl.
  • You should measure the breadth across the fullest part of the pan.
  • The distance between the mounting holes and the toilet or wall correctly measures the unit’s overall height.
  • You should measure the distance between the two holes in the seat because it varies from one seat to the next.

How To Install An American Standard Toilet? Everything You Should Know

How To Install An American Standard Toilet
How To Install An American Standard Toilet

Even though there are no standard ways to install a toilet, American Standard gives instructions on how to do it along with care and maintenance tips. After measuring, follow these steps to install the toilet quickly. 

You will need a set of tools to do the job independently. These include a regular screwdriver, sealant, an adjustable wrench, a tape measure, a putty knife, a hacksaw, a wax ring, closet bolts, a flexible supply tube, and a carpenters level.

Step 1: Organize  

Turn off the water supply and flush to drain it. Drain the toilet tank by removing the lid, refill tube, and water flow pipe. Use a sponge and a bucket while wearing rubber gloves to get any water left in the bowl.

Take off the screws, lids, tank, and bowl.

Unscrew the bolts on your toilet tank, pull the tank out of the bowl and set it on a towel. Remove the toilet’s bottom bolts, caps, and nuts with an adjustable wrench.

Get rid of the wax seal.

Take the wax seal off the floor with a knife. Clean out the drain hole and replace any rusty bolts.

Step 2: Change

Change toilet wax seal and seat.

Place a wax ring between the bolts, then caulk the bowl base. Get help setting your new seat over the sink’s drain. The wax ring seal will be broken, and your toilet will leak if it rocks and is uneven. Use stainless steel washers to fill the gaps.

Adjust bolts

If you overtighten the bolts at this stage, you risk cracking the tank. You should use brass fasteners wherever possible. They won’t rust, and if and when the time comes, you can get rid of them with less hassle.

Step 3: Reattach

Connect everything the same way you took it apart. Getting one that can bend could be a good idea if you need to reconnect your water line. It’s easier to assemble than plastic or metal. As you screw on connectors, ensure the hose points into the toilet fill valve.

Step 4: Check the toilet’s level

Now you will need to measure to ensure your toilet is level, and then you will need to turn your water supply back on while checking for leaks.

How To Maintain An American Standard Toilet Seat

  • It’s essential to keep the equipment clean, so use a bathroom cleaner regularly. Don’t use any abrasive cleansers on the porcelain since they will scratch it.
  • Use rubber bushings to move the round ones up the threaded side of the bolt, tapered side up. Tighten the bushing nuts with the tool provided in the box.
  • Install seat stabilizers on shaky seats. These stabilizers should contact the toilet bowl’s rim. After placing the stabilizers, screw them in.
  • If there are any worn-out parts like discolored toilet seat parts, replace them.


Are the toilets from American Standard good?

It’s not just a good toilet, but the American Standard brand is the one most recommended by plumbers. To top it all off, the flushing power of their toilets is second to none while still being extremely water efficient. Some of these commodes are so well designed that using them is like sitting on a throne.

Which Is Better, A Partial Flush Or A Full Flush?

Which Is Better A Partial Flush Or A Full Flush
Which Is Better A Partial Flush Or A Full Flush

American Standard toilets have a partial flush feature to get rid of liquid waste, but the complete flush valve option eliminates anything more solid. The typical full flush uses 1.6 GPF, but the partial flush only needs 0.8 GPF. With a dual flush toilet system, American Standard toilets combine both functions, saving a lot of water.

How Long Do Toilets From American Standard Last?

How Long Do Toilets From American Standard Last
How Long Do Toilets From American Standard Last

The toilet, one of the most often used fixtures in your home, usually lasts for 10 to 15 years before it needs to be replaced. Even though it is used a lot, the toilet can handle a lot.


Suppose you need to replace your current toilet seat due to problems such as a toilet bowl leak. Then it would be best if you used the American Standard. Presently, it is the finest brand of its kind on the market.

You may think toilet installation like a daunting task, but with the American standard, you can do it yourself in only a couple of hours without the help of a contractor. This article, How To Install An American Standard Toilet, will help you install the toilet quickly.

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