American Standard Toilets Reviews in 2024

There are hundreds of American Standard Toilets Reviews on the internet. But among them, you may find yourself in a confusing labyrinth. 

Over the years, American Standard has proven to be the undisputed leader in the production of high-quality bathroom fixtures and fittings. The American toilets have amazed you with their beauty and functionality. 

Their reputation has led to the adoption of their products in every American household, hospital, and arena.

But are they as good as we expect them to be? In this American Standard Toilets Reviews, we shall explore this with every twist and turn. 

Is American Standard Toilet A Good Brand?

Is American Standard Toilets Reviews A Good Brand
Is American Standard Toilet A Good Brand

You can’t go wrong with American Standard when it comes to toilets. They now offer a broad selection of water-saving, attractive, and ultra-comfortable versions. 

And these versions will provide you with the cleanest toilet imaginable. All credits go to significant advancements in toilet technology over the last several decades.

Most people love American toilets for their efficiency and superior design. Starting from the standard toilet dimensions to the comfortable seating, everything seems perfect here. 

The American Standard brand has earned its fame due to the many benefits it provides. Moreover, these toilets are affordable, an excellent investment for the long run. 

Well, let’s now find out the 7 best American Standard Toilets

1.American Standard H2Option Toilet | Round Front Toilet | Dual-Flush Toilet

The H2Option Dual Flush toilet is a gravitational force-operated toilet that saves water. This toilet has Ultra-High Efficiency for water conservation. It allows you to choose between a full or partial flush for optimum water savings. 

The H2Option toilet stands further off the ground than conventional height toilets for unmatched comfort. The dual flushing system of an American Standard toilet is extremely strong. So, it can clear the contents of the bowl with only one flush. 

The American standard toilet clears all waste in a single flush. Whereas, other brands are ineffective in clearing both solid and liquid excrement at the same time. 

As a consequence, utilizing an American Standard toilet saves you water over time. This toilet has antimicrobial properties which prevent the growth of microbial bacteria or mold. It is a durable product for long-lasting usage. 

American Standard H2Option Toilet Specifications

  • Dimensions: 15 x 27.75 x 30” 
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Weight: 56.4 pounds
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Dual flush system

The American Standard H2Option Toilet Pros

  • Matching colors
  • Ultimate performance
  • Less water utilized
  • High efficiency
  • Siphon jet system

American Standard H2Option Toilet Cons

  • Need to purchase seats separately 

2.American Standard Fairfield Toilet | One Piece Toilet | Elongated Toilet

For people who want their toilets to be basic and effective, the American Standard Fairfield is a perfect choice. It’s a simple-to-install alternative with a lengthy design and a nice appearance. 

Because of its simplicity, you can use it in any bathroom. So you won’t have to worry about matching it to your existing decor.

This one, like many others on the market, is from vitreous china. It’s a more  long-lasting and attractive option than some of the more common alternatives. Furthermore, it’s a floor-mounted toilet.

Unlike some other options, Fairfield toilet comes with a toilet seat. So, you won’t have to buy one separately. It also has a 3-inch flush valve, which is ideal for high-volume scenarios. This toilet has a gravity-fed flushing system to handle all types of waste.

American Standard Fairfield Toilet : Specifications

  • Dimensions: 29.25 x 16.13 x 26.38”
  • Weight: 95 lbs.
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Color: Titanium White
  • 1.6 gallons per flush

The American Standard Fairfield Toilet Pros

  • Siphon action
  • Saves water
  • Pilot valve
  • Low height
  • Durable

American Standard Fairfield Toilet Cons

  • Flapper may leak

3.American Standard Cadet 3 | Single Flush Toilet | Concealed Trapway Toilet

The Cadet 3 Toilet is our premium option pick, as it contains premium amenities. But it also costs more than many other toilets in the American Standard range. 

This toilet has a 16.5-inch extra-tall height and has ADA certification for disability use. This toilet is energy efficient, consuming only 1.28 GPF. 

A three-inch flush valve generates increased flushing force, swiftly emptying any waste in the bowl. It ensures that the minimal quantity of water can do its work.

Although the Cadet 3 is a two-piece toilet, the gap between the tank and the bowl is a breeding place for problems. The trap is the breeding ground for germs and odor-causing problems. In this toilet, the trap is concealed.  

Moreover, the toilet even comes with a soft-closing seat to avoid odor coming out. 

American Standard Cadet 3 : Specifications

  • Dimensions: 28.25 x 15.75 x 30.75”
  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • 1.28 gallons of water every flush
  • Floor mounted

The American Standard Cadet 3 Pros

  • Prevents build-up of bacteria
  • Seat closes easily
  • ADA certified
  • Water-saving flush system
  • Powerful flush

American Standard Cadet 3 Cons

  • Difficult to install

4.American Standard Champion 4 | One Piece Toilet | Elongated Toilet

The Champion 4 is the greatest in clog-free operation, providing a flush that is 70 percent quicker, more powerful, and quieter than a conventional toilet. The Right Height toilets have a 16-1/2″ rim height for added comfort and convenience of use. 

This modern one-piece design has the Ever Clean surface which is simpler to clean.  And it remains cleaner for longer. A unique slow close toilet seat is also here to prevent the seat from slamming shut. This results in a calmer, more tranquil home.

Although the flush is a bit noisy, you will get accustomed to it after a few days. The flush works faster than your expectation. This toilet has exceptional performance that makes it different from conventional toilets. 

American Standard Champion 4 : Specifications

  • Dimensions: 27 x 26 x 41”
  • Weight: 127 lbs.
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • 1.6 gallon per flush
  • Rim height- 16-½ inches

The American Standard Champion 4 Pros

  • Low consumption of water
  • Keeps toilet clean
  • Siphon jetted bowl
  • Lasts longer

American Standard Champion 4 Cons

  • Heavy to carry and setup

5.American Standard Baby Devoro | Round Front Toilet | Less Seat Toilet

Nothing makes a potty-training youngster happier than making it to the toilet, using it, and flushing it on their own. The Baby Devoro toilet makes it much easier. The unobtrusive 10″ bowl height lets them sit comfortably beside their parents, promoting correct toilet usage.

The flush begins with a normal 2” valve opening in the flushing system. American Standard flushing systems are famous for their dependability. Because, chemical-resistant flappers control them. 

The water enters the bowl in a 360-degree sweeping motion. This flush is helpful to clean the bowl thoroughly while using less water.

A correctly positioned water jet captures the circular flow of water for the best performance.. It doesn’t consume much energy either. 

Waste and water are sucked in as they depart, providing an unrivaled push/pull one-two punch.

American Standard Baby Devoro Toilet : Specifications

  • Dimensions: 25 x 24 x 17.25 inches
  • Weight: 56.2 lbs.
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Color: White
  • 1.28 gallon per flush

The American Standard Baby Devoro Toilet Pros

  • Powerful flush
  • Optimal performance
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Stain-resistant
  • Ideal for babies

American Standard Baby Devoro Toilet Cons

  • Clogs pipes

6.American Standard Boulevard Toilet | One Piece Toilet | Elongated Toilet

The Boulevard toilet by American Standard is a one-piece commode with an extended bowl. It has the correct height feature, as well as ADA compliance. The sleek form of this high-efficiency lavatory keeps the toilet surface clean. 

This premium performance toilet’s flushing mechanism uses only 1.28 gallons every flush, earning it EPA WaterSense certification.

The Boulevard toilet has an Ever Clean antiviral surface. So it resists stains and keeps the toilet bowl free of germs and odors. A Power Wash rim guarantees the tidy and clean toilet after every flush. 

A correct height and a siphoning action extended bowl provides better convenience and flushing efficiency. Finally, the right-hand trip handle on the tank provides easy and convenient flushing without detracting from the model’s appearance.

American Standard Boulevard Toilet Specifications

  • Weight: 117 lbs.
  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Design: Floor mounted
  • Warranty: Limited
  • 1.28 gallons per flush

The American Standard Boulevard Toilet Pros

  • ADA safe
  • Bacteria proof surface
  • Efficient
  • WaterSense certification
  • Perfect height

American Standard Boulevard Toilet Cons

  • Interrupted water supply outlet

7.American Standard Town Square Toilet | Town Square S Toilet | Elongated Toilet

The American Standard Town Square S Right Height Elongated Toilet evokes a feeling of historic architecture. This regal design has exquisite crown molding-inspired elements. And it goes nicely with the rest of the Town Square S series. 

This premium performance toilet saves water with a flow rate of 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF). For a more pleasant experience, the Right Height design gives a higher bowl. 

A PowerWash rim washes the bowl with every flush. An EverClean surface with antifungal characteristics limits the growth of staining and odor-causing germs, fungus, and yeast on the surface.

The super-efficient flush helps to save water with each flush. This 16-1/2-inch bowl has an efficient fully glazed trap way. The inclusion of the EverClean surface ensures a bacteria or fungus free environment. 

American Standard Town Square Toilet : Specifications

  • Dimensions: 30.25 x 31.12 x 14.75 inches
  • Color: Linen white
  • Design: Elongated
  • Weight: 120.7 lbs.
  • Warranty: Lifetime Chinaware warranty

American Standard Town Square Toilet Pros

  • Effective performance
  • Top-notch customer care
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft closing lid
  • Water-saving

The American Standard Town Square Toilet Cons

  • Too large base

American Standard Toilets Reviews & Buying Guide

American Standard Toilets Reviews Buying Guide
American Standard Toilets Reviews Buying Guide

If you want to know more about the features that you should look for before buying top-rated American Standard toilets, then you should assess some of the important things. Read on to know more about the features in this buying guide. 


The price range of toilets will generally vary. Toilets on the lower end of the pricing range are often basic two-piece toilets. They can suffice for a short time but lack added features, sturdiness, or longevity. 

Toilets with a lot of fancy features, like heated leather seats, built-in lighting, and technology keeps the bowl clean. So you have less work to do, and are available at the top end of the pricing range.

There are also toilets with proper functionalities for people who have a medium-range budget.

Style and Design

Some people don’t think of the style and design of a toilet as long as it functions properly. Getting a toilet that compliments the rest of your bathroom is crucial for anybody considering a makeover and giving serious thought to the style and décor of this space.

A toilet may now be purchased in nearly any color. The toilets are available in a range of styles that may easily be incorporated into any decor.

You should have no trouble choosing the best toilet to match your interior, whether you want a picturesque or contemporary bathroom. Spend some time looking over all of the alternatives available within your budget. Then, you’ll be able to narrow down and pick one that matches your aesthetic tastes.

Flushing Technology

One of the drawbacks of high-efficiency toilets is that the flush may be less forceful. Nobody likes to deal with a clog-prone toilet. What good is it to have a water-saving toilet if you have to flush it several times? This is when your flush’s strength comes into play.

A dual flush toilet is an excellent option in this situation. These are meant to allow you to select between a water-saving flush and a more forceful flush. This not only helps you conserve water, but it also helps you avoid clogging. 

Consider the flush power of the toilet in your research if you want to avoid blockage. And be certain that you will have a clean flush every time.

The Shape of the Bowl

The great majority of toilets will be either circular or elongated in form.

Round toilets are a bit smaller and hence simpler to fit into small bathrooms and limited places. They are also less expensive than elongated variants. Thus, they are frequently chosen by individuals wanting to save money.

Elongated toilets have a more oval form and are about two inches longer than circular toilets. They are comfy since they are slightly larger. You’ll be happy with an extended bowl. Because, convenience is much more important than anything.

Flush Valve Size

A conventional flush valve is found on the majority of toilets. This is a simple 2-inch flush valve with a flapper. It jumps up when the toilet lever is pushed down. Low-flow bathrooms and some older toilets with big tanks use standard flush valves.

The American Standard flush valves are a little different in size. The 738109-0070A model has a flush that is 8-inches in size. This valve has a flapper and a chain built into it. The American Standard Toilet valves are usually very easy to install. 

These valves are made of chemical-resistant material. They can fit inside holes that are around 3-½ inches in diameter. The 738921-100-0070A numbered valve fits the American Standard Cadet toilets easily. 

Noise Level

Many houses have loud appliances, and you may be adamant about not having any more. When toilets refill their tanks and, when you flush, they create noise.

Look for models that promise a “silent flush” if you have any problem with noises. It will spare you from the embarrassment of using toilets.However, noise should not hinder you from buying a good toilet. 

But if you insist, then find a noise-free one. Examine the customer reviews to determine if the toilets make less noise when they flush.

Gallons Per Flush

When looking for a new toilet, one of the most important factors to consider is how much water it uses. If this is a problem for you, you need to look for a water-efficient toilet.

To begin with, the Gallons Per Flush (GPF) measurement, also known as the flow rate, provides a simple way to compare how two toilets utilize water.

Toilets that utilize 1.6 gallons of water every flush are rather common. Less water flow than that can create problems. Over 2 gallons of water emission is also redundancy. So choose something in between.

Weight and Sizing Needs

If your new toilet will be substituting an existing one in the same location, you’ll want to search for the “rough-in” size. To determine your rough-in measurement, measure from the sidewall to the middle of the rear bolt holding the toilet in place.

If you’re working with a small area, take measurements from the toilet’s back wall to the bolts to see how much room you have.

Although most toilets have a 12” rough-in, some old houses may have a 10” or 14” rough-in. Rough-in information, as well as the product’s height, breadth, and depth should be included in the product specifications for any toilet you choose. 

The average toilet weighs between 60 and 120 pounds (27 and 55 kg). You can determine it by the kind and design. Two-piece toilets typically weigh 60 to 100 pounds (30–45 kg). One-piece toilets are more attractive and costly. They weigh between 80 to120 pounds in general (35 – 55 kg).

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly dual-flush American Standard toilets are easily available.

They provide you with two flushing choices based on your degree of need. So you can conserve water more effectively without worrying about excessive flushing.

In a nutshell, you should choose toilets that offer the best anti-clogging toilet support. It will save you from huge toil and expenses. 


American Standard items last longer than you do in one location. Your American Standard toilet comes with a 1 year, 5-year, 10-year, or lifetime guarantee.

Whether you’re installing a toilet or a faucet, the American Standard brand ensures a limited lifetime warranty or a guaranteed warranty. So, if you find any problem regarding the toilets, you shall get repair or replacements. 

American Standard Toilet Parts

American Standard Toilets Parts- American Standard Toilets Reviews
American Standard Toilet Parts


The seat you sit on has a significant impact on how pleasant the toilet is. Some high-end toilets include heated seats or cleaning accessories. All of these are the tools to make the toilet comfy.

American Standard toilet range provides the most comfortable seating experience ever.


Tankless toilets use a water line running straight from the bowl. It replaces the standard water tank found in most toilets.

To use such toilets, you’ll need either a lot of water pressure or additional components to power the flush. Apart from toilets with tanks, American Standard also offers tankless toilets. The tanks’ typical diameter is 15-1/8 inches.


Handle is located on the tank’s top-left front or upper left-hand side.

The handle mechanism of American Standard toilets offers a selection of beautiful solid metal replaceable levers. You can pick any matching one for your bathroom design.

Fill Valves

The diameter of the fill valves for the American Standard toilets vary. Most have a size ranging from 9-½ to 12-½ inches. Their water valves are suitable for several toilet tanks. 

A refill tube is also integrated into the design. It also includes a float ball. Many of these valves are chemical-resistant. They are also easy to install.

There are our another reviews on best toilet fill valves for hard water. In this article, We have discussed everything that you need to know about toilet fill valves.


The flush valve systems on toilets vary in size and design. Flappers are available in two sizes: two and three inches. The majority of toilets use two-inch flappers, including American Standard toilets. 

Three-inch flappers have grown popular in recent years. They were also common in toilets made before 2005.

American Standard Toilet Consumption

American Standard Toilets Consumption - American Standard Toilets Reviews
American Standard Toilet Consumption

Modern toilets use very little water. The conventional toilet consumes 1.6 GPF. Whereas the American Standard’s high-efficiency toilet requires 1.28 GPF, saving 20% more than its competitors.

Government regulation approvals, such as WaterSense, are available for some American Standard designs. The American Standard Cadet 3 bathroom is one of the best American Standard toilets because of its low water usage. 

American Standard Toilets Warranty

It is critical to get a toilet with at least a one-year warranty. A warranty shows that the producer believes in the quality of its products. All of the products in the American Standard range have varying warranty durations.

Since toilets are delicate items, they are prone to damage. If you find any broken parts you should contact the American Standard authority. Within the warranty period, they shall repair or replace it.

You don’t have to spend any extra bucks for that. A limited lifetime guarantee is generally included with American Standard toilets.

How To Install American Standard Toilet

Many people don’t know how to install an American Standard toilet. For them, we have discussed the process in brief. 

  • Remove the old toilet and shut off the water supply. 
  • Measure the rough-in dimensions of the toilet. 
  • Install the closet bolts and finally the wax rings. 
  • Position the new toilet against the wall. 
  • Install the tank by making sure that the tank is parallel to the wall.
  • In the end, fit the toilet seat and ensure that you make necessary adjustments. 
  • While installing, ensure that the nut bolts are not too tightened.

FAQs on American Standard Toilets Reviews

Q. Where are American Standard Toilets made?

ANS: The toilet bowl and tank are manufactured at a ceramic factory. Slurry slip, a liquid type of vitreous china, goes to the factory in large quantities. Toilets from American Standard are manufactured in Mexico, not China.

Q. What colors do American Standard Toilets come in?

ANS: American toilets have different parts which come in different colors. The toilet has various seat colors. Azure green, Bahama pink, Lucerne blue, and Soft yellow are some of the available colors. 

Q. How to find the American Standard Toilet model number?

ANS: There is a four-digit number situated at the back of the tank. Carefully remove the lid and find the model number at the back or end of the tank.

Q. Where can I buy American Standard Toilet parts from?

ANS: Standard toilet parts are easily available. You can find them at your local hardware store. You could also buy them from online portals such as Amazon or even their own website. 

Q. How to remove the American Standard Toilet seat?

ANS: Lift the seat and pull it upwards to remove it. The hinge covers should be removed first. While opening the seat, don’t over tighten the nut bolts by mistake. 


The toilet industry’s new standards are set by the American Standard. As the guide demonstrates, the firm is adamant to produce high-quality, long-lasting toilets. They make a variety of toilets, including one-piece, two-piece, and dual-flush models. 

We chose the American Standard Cadet 3 as the finest two-piece model after studying several versions. In the end, we hope that you could gain some knowledge by reading this American Standard Toilets Reviews

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