What is a Toilet Fill Valve? Know The Easy & Smart Way!

You should have noticed a low-frequency water-filling sound right after you use the flush. People sometimes find it very disturbing.  But it is a common phenomenon in the toilet tank. Your friend or relative would have said to you, “It’s just a fill valve doing its work”.

Now the question in your mind should be, what is a toilet fill valve? How does it work? Well, don’t worry, as we’ll give you a brief about that in a minute. 

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What is a Toilet Fill Valve?

What is a Toilet Fill Valve
What is a Toilet Fill Valve

The fill valve is a mechanism responsible for filling the water into your tank. If you lift the tank cover, you should see a piece of metal/ plastic about 3-4 inches on the left side. 

There should be another one on the right side; don’t confuse yourself with this one. It’s just the flush valve. Now you should see that the fill valve is connected with a floating ball or cup with the help of a floating hand.

You should see that the bottom of the fill valve is set up on a hole connecting to a water supply line underneath the tank. The water supply line further connects with a shut-off valve. This is the primary source of the water inside the tank.

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How Does the Fill Valve on a Toilet Work?

How Does the Fill Valve on a Toilet Work?

Now let’s talk about how they work as a whole. When you pull the flush lever, it removes a flapper inside the flush valve allowing it to go the water down through it to the bowl. The floating ball then starts losing its height, which requires the fill valve to fill immediately with water. 

The fill valve starts filling the tank, and as soon as the floating cup or ball gains its height, it stops filling. Any excess amount goes through an overflowing pipeline, then.

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You should get your answer. In short, it’s the primary mechanism that lets the water go into the toilet tank from your supply line. If your tank is not filling within the expected time or doesn’t fill at all, maybe it’s the best place you should look for a solution. 


Where is the fill valve on a toilet?

The valve is a 3-4 inches pipeline inside your toilet tank. Manufacturer companies often make them with plastic or metal. You can find this on the left side of the tank.

How much does it cost to replace a fill valve?

There are many options available in the market. If you are an economic guy, you should go for a cheaper one, costing you about 10-15 dollars. But if money is not an issue, you can buy one for 20-40 dollars. 

How do I know if my toilet needs a new fill valve?

If you can hear the hissing sound in a tank continuously or the tank is not filling, you should probably need a new fill valve

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