How to Unclog a Kohler Toilet – Step by Step Guideline

Kohler is a prominent brand in the bathroom industry. It is famous for its high quality, adroitness, and dexterity. Kohler creates multiple designs for toilets, each with a strong flush. But, sometimes, something goes wrong, and the toilet becomes seriously clogged. 

Such a situation causes a significant disruption in the home, which needs to be managed as soon as possible. 

If you are confronting such a situation, no worries. Occasionally, if enough effluent is in the drain line, it can unclog itself. Furthermore, a blocked toilet’s trap will clear itself if you fill the bowl with water almost to the top. However, if the bathroom does not unclog by itself, you should remember that unclogging a blocked Kohler toilet is not too difficult.

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Steps to Unclog a Kohler Toilet with Plunger 

Steps to Unclog a Kohler Toilet with Plunger

Unclogging the Kohler toilet with the plunger is more common. Here is a step-by-step directory that will help you in the process of clearing the Kohler with Plunger.

Step 1

At first, when you notice that the toilet is clogged up, you should turn off the water. It is also essential to know that repeated flushing will not help you to clear the blockage. 

Step 2

After that, put the gloves on your hand to protect them in case of overflow. In addition, remove other gadgets, including mat, from near the toilet so that they remain protected in case of splash-up.

Step 3

After the above protective measures, take your plunger. Place it in the center of the Kohler toilet’s bowl, so gently lower it into the hole for 5-10 minutes. After that, pull up gradually. This will dislodge anything stuck in the bathroom and block it up. However, remember that you must do it carefully, especially when the water level in the toilet is high.

Step 4

You have to repeat this process several times until all the water is sucked back into the toilet.

Step 5

In the end, take the plunger out of the toilet. And flush the toilet to ensure that the clogged toilet has been cleared entirely and water can goes down. 

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Other Tips to Unclog a Kohler Toilet

Other Tips to Unclog a Kohler Toilet
Other Tips to Unclog a Kohler Toilet

In this part, we will give you some tips to eliminate the discomfort of a clogged Kohler toilet when the plunger is out of reach.

The Snake

You can use the snake instead of using chemicals. This is also favored over using hands. Moreover, you can hook the handy tool and wind it around till the clog is released. Using a snake is preferred when the blockage is more profound than the bowl itself. 

Don’t use cloth hangers if this procedure does not remove the clog. Instead, you should contact a plunger as it can severely impact the Kohler surface.

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Baking Soda and Vinegar

When the plunger is unavailable, but you want to clear your house’s clogged toilet, you can turn to non-toxic household chemicals like Baking soda and vinegar. You probably know that both these home chemicals are known to be good cleaning agents and can drain out stains efficiently. 

So for the clogged toilet, you must add a cup of baking soda. After a couple of minutes, you have to add two cups of vinegar. This mixture will react and make bubbles, so you must add both things gradually and carefully to avoid overflow. 

After some time, you should flush the toilet to check if the clog has been released completely. However, if it does not, repeat the process until it is fully cleared.

Hot Water and Dish Soap

One of the alternatives to a plunger is using Hot water along with Dish soap. Firstly, heat a gallon of water on the stove and pour some dish soap into the clogged toilet when the water is heating. 

After some time, when water heats up completely but not boiling, pour it into the Kohler toilet. Both things will soften the clog within 15-20 minutes, and the toilet will unclog. Ultimately, you can flush the toilet easily.

Household Bleach

Household bleach is as effective as a bar of dish soap. It helps to break down the useless or discarded material. You have to pour two or three cups of bleach into the toilet and add one cup of powdered soap. After 15 minutes, when you flush the toilet, you’ll find that this method is more effective for clearing a seriously clogged toilet.

The Final Thought!

We have provided you with the entire procedure to unclog a Kohler toilet. Moreover, you should not flush anything other than toilet paper. Cotton wipes, facial tissues, tampons, and dental floss can all easily block your toilet when flushed as they do not degrade in water. 

Alternately, if you have an older toilet, you might have to spend money on a new toilet for your bathroom because some older toilets are built with less powerful flushing mechanisms. So, you must keep on checking the things you flush.

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