Kohler Highline vs Cimarron Toilet 2023! Which One Should You Pick?

Kohler Highline vs Cimarron Toilet? Kohler offers two different toilet lines: Highline and Cimarron. The product lines are fairly similar in form and function. However, a few significant variations can help you decide which one to buy.

If you are confused – Kohler Highline vs. Cimarron – which one to get? We have you covered! Today’s article will provide detailed information about the two product lines. We shall also unravel their features, pros, and cons. 

There will also be a head-to-head comparison table and additional information to answer all your questions. Stick to the end if you want to make the best choice!

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Kohler Highline vs. Cimarron Toilet – Water Consumption

The Kohler Highline toilet comes with three different flush volumes: 1.0/1.28/1.6 gallons per flush. It also comes with a dual-flush mechanism. So, you can conserve water with the dual-flush whenever in need.

On the other hand, the Kohler Cimarron toilet line requires a minimum of 1.28 gallons per flush, no matter which model you get. The Cimarron product line is not available in any dual-flush model.

To summarize, Highline requires less water consumption than Cimarron. The Kohler Highline toilet should be your pick if you are environmentally conscious. With this one, you can shrink your footprint by conserving water. Moreover, less water consumption means saving a few bucks from your water bill!

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Kohler Highline vs. Cimarron Toilet – Durability

One-piece toilet units last longer than two-piece ones. Why? Usually, in a two-piece toilet unit, there is a seal between the tank and the bowl. The seal prevents water from leaking. Over time, the seal gradually wears out or gets damaged. This can lead to water leakage problems. But the one-piece toilet units do not cause such problems.

While the Highline toilet line is only available in the two-piece, the Cimarron line is available in both one-piece and two-piece units. Therefore, Cimarron toilet lines will offer extended durability if you get a one-piece unit.

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Kohler Highline vs. Cimarron Toilet – Hygiene and Maintenance

The Cimarron toilets offer several features like a one-piece design, skirted traps, etc. It makes the cleaning and maintenance process easier for you. This toilet line has no crevice between the toilet bowl and tank. 

As a result, it will not store extra filth and residue. Additionally, the Cimarron toilets come with skirted traps. Hence, no nooks and crannies to store mold and residue.

Moreover, one-piece toilets are more hygienic than two-piece ones. They also require less time and energy to clean and maintain.

The Highline toilet lines are available in two-piece units and do not come with skirted traps. So, if you prefer easy maintenance and want to ensure hygiene simultaneously, the Cimarron toilet will serve your purpose more efficiently.

Kohler Highline vs. Cimarron Toilet – Flush-mechanism

The Highline toilet line offers dual-flush models. The models feature an interactive water-saving design using two buttons/handles for two separate flushing volumes. You can dispose of liquid waste with a half flush and solid waste with a full flush. 

As a result, you can reduce water consumption. Additionally, the dual-flush feature provides you with extra flushing power when needed.

On the other hand, the Cimarron toilet line does not offer any dual-flush models. But the redesigned Cimarron Comfort Height elongated toilet features a new class 5 flushing technology. It will offer you powerful bulk flushing. If you want to ensure a clean bowl, Cimarron toilets will surely not disappoint you.

Kohler Highline vs. Cimarron Toilet – Price

Kohler Highline vs. Cimarron Toilet Price
Kohler Highline vs. Cimarron Toilet Price

Highline is one of the most popular toilet lines of Kohler’s brand. Wondering why? Mostly because of what it offers within an affordable price range. It offers all the basic and primary features of a toilet unit without costing you a fortune. 

In fact, it has most of the same features you will find in more expensive Kohler toilets. It has a higher price range but does not offer any exclusive features.

So, if you are looking for something that will fit your budget, you should consider the Highline product line.

Kohler Highline vs. Cimarron Toilet – Comparison at a Glance

Here’s a head-to-head comparison between Highline and Cimarron toilet lines:

          Categories    Kohler Highline  Kohler Cimarron
Water consumptionAvailable in 3 different flush volumes: 1.0, 1.28, and 1.6 gallons per flushMinimum 1.28 gallon per flush
DurabilityMay not last longer Extended durability
MaintenanceRequires more effort to clean and maintainEasier to clean and maintain; available with skirted traps
HygieneLess hygienicMore hygienic; no crevice between the tank and bowl to hold filth
Flush MechanismDual-flushSingle-flush
PriceBudget-friendly for average peopleLess affordable for average people
Size/Space requirementOnly available in two-piece unitCompact, available in both two-piece and one-piece unit

Final Thoughts

Kohler Highline vs. Cimarron toilet – which one takes the trophy? Many users vote for the Highline for everything it has to offer at such a lower price. The Cimarron toilets may offer you a powerful flush, but they still seem overpriced to many users. 

So, the Highline should be your pick if you want to buy a quality toilet unit without putting a dent in your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the better piece or two piece toilets?

One piece will serve you better if you prefer hygiene over anything. One-piece toilets have less room to hold filth and grime and are easier to clean.

Is the Kohler Cimarron discontinued?

A few models of Kohler Cimarron are discontinued. You can still find a few models in the market, such as Cimarron Comfort Height elongated 1.28 GPF toilet.

How much does a Kohler Cimarron toilet weigh?

The weight varies from model to model. However, most of the models of the Kohler Cimarron line weigh around 103 pounds.

Is the Kohler Cimarron toilet a Class 5?

Yes, it features a new class 5 flushing technology. It will offer you powerful bulk flushing. 

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