Can You Flush Toilet While Septic Tank is Being Pumped?

Once in a while, we have to empty the septic tank. Then it’s time to contact a septic tank service. As we work, you may need to utilize water for things like flushing toilets or washing our hands. Your septic system will get water from these. So, an obvious question arises, ‘Can you flush the toilet while the septic tank is being pumped?’  

When working on a septic tank, it’s best to avoid using any running water, including toilets. It will be more challenging because of that. 

But what if you want to use it anyway. Or it’s a grave necessity? We shall be discussing all that down the line. 

Can You Flush Toilet While Septic Tank is Being Pumped?

Can You Flush Toilet While Septic Tank is Being Pumped
Can You Flush Toilet While Septic Tank is Being Pumped

To put it simply, no. While servicers are performing maintenance on your system, you can’t use any water at all. You should not also flush toilets or wash your hands there. 

Why? Well, the plumbers won’t be able to complete the task as long as the water is entering the tank.

However, if you have to use the restroom badly enough during septic tank pumping, it should be alright. One toilet flush shouldn’t have any catastrophic effects on the pumping operation. You should wait until the procedure is complete, but you can hold off if you need to.

How Long Does Pumping Your Septic Tank Take?

How Long Does Pumping Your Septic Tank Take

The time required to empty a septic tank depends on the system’s capacity. The typical tank capacity for a three- or four-bedroom home is between 1,000 and 1,250 gallons. If you have 20-30 minutes, you can empty this tank. It takes 45-60 minutes to fill a tank of 1,500-2,000 liters.

You can reduce the time it takes to empty your tank if you do it frequently and never allow anything just to get able to stick in the hose.

It’s okay if you can do it yourself. But if you are not confident enough, you can just hire a professional. 

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What Shouldn’t You Flush During Your Septic Tank Pumping?

What Shouldn't You Flush During Your Septic Tank Pumping

The simple answer is flushing would create problems for the tank itself. It might get clogged. 

If you have a septic tank, you know that there are some things you should never put down the drain. Nothing but human excrement and toilet paper should ever enter a toilet. 

Throwing away soiled diapers, wipes, or sanitary products in the garbage or washing them down the drain can cause clogs and spread disease. 

Tobacco products, paper towels, paper napkins, condoms, lard, and cigarette ends are all banned. Therefore, you’ll have to pump more frequently. Invest in a sink strainer and build a compost pile for your leftovers.

What Happens If You Flush While Pumping Out Your Septic Tank?

What Happens If You Flush While Pumping Out Your Septic Tank

It won’t create major problems if you flush while pumping out your septic tank. But homeowners with septic systems should be familiar with fundamental maintenance procedures. 

Flushing can create some problems in the pumping process. Though the possibility is low, you shouldn’t ignore it. Septic tank issues can be quite unpleasant and inconvenient if you put off getting your tank empty for so long. 

Sludge, which is the tank’s solid waste, sinks to the bottom, and the liquid is then able to flow via pipelines and into the leach field. 

Any breakdown in the system could cause sewage to back up into your home. When you add any type of liquid to the tank, it becomes impossible to remove the solid waste by pumping.

Bottom Line

We have done our best to answer your question. When pumping out, you shouldn’t add any new water to the septic tank. That’s the best way to do it. But if you do otherwise, it would be okay as well. 

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