Can Toilet Paper Cause Yeast Infection?

We use toilet paper for our sensitive parts. But when we feel the parts swollen or painful, it is really a bad experience. In some issues like vulva/vagina infection, irritation can be caused by your toilet paper. Can toilet paper cause yeast infection? Yes, of course. 

In some cases, for sensitive skin, you can face such type of problem if you do not properly use them. It can be caused because toilet papers contain a lot of chemicals. So, our sensitive skin can be easily affected by it.

However, from this article, we are going to know the details. 

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Can Toilet Paper Cause Yeast Infection?


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Yes, toilet paper can cause yeast infection. Toilet paper is not a natural thing. It is a combination of various chemicals. So, our sensitive places and sensitive skin can cause infections. 

You can blame your toilet paper when you find puffy and itchy in our sensitive parts. The sensitive skin of the vulva can be easily warm, and you feel irritated. When the pH level of this area changes, it affects the skin and can cause infection and rashes. 

We know that toilet paper contains a lot of chemicals. It does not harm us quickly, but if you do not know the right use of toilet paper, you can easily get affected by yeast and bacterial infection. 

If you overuse toilet paper, you can face allergic irritation in your private part like the perfumed products. It is better to avoid scented toilet paper. Do not rub the area. 

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Harmful Chemicals in Toilet Paper that Can Cause Yeast Infection and Irritation

Harmful Chemicals in Toilet Paper that Can Cause Yeast Infection and Irritation
Harmful Chemicals in Toilet Paper that Can Cause Yeast Infection and Irritation

Though a roll of toilet tissue paper contains many chemicals, some are more harmful. Some chemicals are responsible for the positive answer to the question, “Can toilet paper cause yeast infection?” Let’s learn them.


Formaldehyde is an ingredient in toilet paper. We use toilet paper for hygienic work, and it is hygienic too. The manufacturers use formaldehyde to make the paper soft and to keep it strong for a long time. For vulva tissue, this ingredient is very irritating. 


Another chemical that is known as a bleaching agent is Chlorine. Chlorine is also not good for the vulva because the dermal layers of this area are sensitive to Chlorine. 

Soft lint

We like soft toilet paper. But soft papers contain a large amount of formaldehyde and chlorine. Both of them can cause infection in the vaginal and anal areas. 

Other additives

Manufacturers use some additives to make the toilet papers appealing to the customers. The additives can be lotion, perfumes, and such types of ingredients. They are responsible for allergic reactions. So, it is common to face irritation. The chemicals also disrupt the pH level of the hidden part of our skin and can cause yeast infection.

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So, now say yes to answer the question, “toilet paper causes yeast infection?” But now, what to do to avoid infection and irritation? Of course, solutions and precautions are available. Do not overuse TP. Keep the papers in a hygienic place, in a cool and dry place. To avoid so many chemicals, try simple toilet paper. Fancy, perfumed, and too soft toilet papers are more dangerous. 

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