Can You Use Toilet Paper as a Pad? What are The Best Alternatives?

Period time is an important time to be conscious for a woman, and keeping hygienic is the most important to keep herself away from health complications during this time. Many women use toilet paper as a pad during their menstrual time. But can you use toilet paper as a pad? Is it hygienic?

Dr. Bamidele Iwalokun, a researcher, does not support tissue paper as a pad because it can cause severe complications for women’s health. Using toilet paper is not hygienic for a woman to drain blood during a period.

Can You Use Toilet Paper as a Pad?

Yes, you can use toilet paper as a pad. But the matter is how much hygienic and good to use toilet paper as your pad. This article is to make women conscious about using toilet paper instead of sanitary pads. So, let’s continue.

Our health policy does not support tissue paper instead of a sanitary pad. Avoiding it without any emergency conditions is better, and there is no credit to carrying toilet tissue as a pad.

We know that toilet paper contains many chemicals unsuitable for women’s health. During menstrual time, the hidden areas are more sensitive. So, a clean cotton pad is the best way to adsorb blood.

If you try toilet tissue regularly during your period time, you may face a severe infection. The part of the tissue can go through your vagina and bloodstream, which is horrible. Besides, toilet paper can affect your reproductive organs during menstruation.

So, to avoid complications, you have to avoid tissue paper during menstruation.

The Other Alternative of Sanitary Pads Instead of Toilet Paper


Now you know that toilet paper is not hygienic to use as a sanitary pad. But of course, some options work better than toilet paper, tampons, or an ordinary pad.

You can use paper towels instead of toilet paper; paper towels are ordinary in the bathroom. If you have any tension about your period, carry some paper towels in the bag to use when you need them. They are comfortable, durable, and hygienic.

Cloth napkin

If you are searching for a cheaper option, you can try cloth napkins. They are the best option if you do not have a pad, and they can absorb more liquids than toilet paper. Besides, you can easily handle it.


Washcloths are not so available around us. But it is a good option than toilet paper. You can store some washcloths for your emergency time instead of purchasing a pad.

Gym socks

But a pair of gym socks is an effective alternative to the pad. You can use a clean pair of gym socks when your period is going on, and they are very absorbent and easily maintained.

Socks are a common and available thing around us. So, as your safeguard during your period, you can carry some of them with you when you are outside.

Napkins are another alternative to pad and toilet paper during period time. Besides, you can search for something in your first aid kit, and the cotton balls can help you in emergencies.


Toilet paper is terrible for menstruation. The chemicals in the tissue are not suitable for sensitive areas. Carrying washcloths, napkins, and paper towels in underwear is a little uncomfortable. But when ‘sit essential, you can take their help.

Most doctors tell us to avoid toilet tissues. So, now it is clear to you, “can you use toilet paper as a pad?” If it is very emergency, you can use toilet paper once or twice. But do not continue it throughout your menstrual time. Keep yourself safe from some severe female health complications.

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