Tankless Toilet vs Tank Toilet: Head-to-Head Comparison

Do you plan on learning more about your bathroom renovation options? Some of them are very similar to one another, making it hard to pick the best. A comparison of ‘tankless toilet vs. tank toilet’ will help you decide which is best for your needs.

A tankless toilet is a modern, more expensive, more space-saving, and more electricity-dependent alternative. However, tank toilets are more common, larger in size, less expensive, and functional even with no running water or electricity.

But which one is the best option for you? Well, let’s learn here in detail. 

What is a Tankless Toilet?

The household tankless toilet is famous for its cutting-edge style. An electric pump creates enough pressure for a tankless toilet to suck excrement from the bowl and down the drain. 

To prevent the bowl from becoming too full and flooding, the toilet has a valve regulating water flow into the bowl. You won’t need a plunger or other item to flush a tankless toilet if the water pressure in the pipes is adequate. 

The water supply for a tankless toilet comes from an internal tank rather than a tank installed behind the bowl. In its place, it draws its water supply straight from your home’s main line.

What is a Tank Toilet?

Tank toilets have a cistern that collects and stores water for subsequent flushes. The toilet tank can be attached either to the bowl or the wall behind it, depending on the design. 

Pressure vessels are sometimes seen in the tanks of low-flow or pressure-assisted toilets. More specifically, the typical toilet tank is compatible with gravity and siphonic flushing. 

A u-shaped siphon brings in water from a storage tank and carries away waste. It creates a vacuum, which aids the natural downward movement of water and waste. You must pull the handle or push the button to get the tank to work. 

As a result, the attached chain and flapper will be pulled to let the water flush the waste.

Benefits of Tankless Toilet  

Well, each type of toilet has its benefits. It will be damn easy for you if you know the advantages of each toilet. Let’s begin with tankless toilets. 

  1. Space Saving:

Traditional toilets have a big tank stored under the bowl; however tankless models eliminate this bulk. There is more room for customization and maintenance with a tankless toilet. 

This toilet model may offer height adjustment to enhance the user’s comfort. It is a great space-saver and works great in little bathrooms.

  1. Fewer leakage issues:

Most of the pipes carrying water to tankless toilets will be put behind the wall, particularly beneath the floor. Because of this, they won’t have nearly as many problems with leakage, making them better for the environment.

  1. Rapid water Refill:

Tankless toilets allow for simultaneous flushing, meaning you can use them immediately after clearing them out. In public or business setting, that’s a practical solution for long restroom lines. Plus, tankless toilets save a lot of water compared to traditional toilets with tanks.

  1. Easy toilet bowl cleaning:

When flushed, a tankless toilet uses high-pressure water to effectively remove waste and keep the bowl clean for a longer time. So the toilet bowl is more likely to stay clean for longer since more water is pumped through it with each flush.

  1. Smart Design and Size:

In a nutshell, tankless toilets are the height of contemporary style. A tankless toilet is a great update if your bathroom has a modern design. These cutting-edge commodes are the perfect fit for homes with limited space. 

If you mount it to the wall or set it up on the floor, you’ll have more room to do anything you want with the layout.

Benefits of Tank Toilet

Now, let’s see the advantages of tank toilets. They might seem very similar. 

  1. Different Styles:

The high tank toilet is still available for individuals who like a throwback to the good old days of bathroom design. Due to the convenience of having the bowl and tank of the toilet in one, one- and two-piece designs, have become increasingly popular. Both round and elongated shapes are used for the bowls.

Though the elongated bowl may not be as popular, some find it more comfortable than the round one.

  1. Usable Without a Power Supply:

It is possible to utilize a tank toilet without electricity so long as water can be supplied more stably. As a result, it may be used even if there is a power outage. 

Tank toilets are gravity-flush only. You may, however, require constant access to electricity if you have a tankless toilet built.

  1. Easy Installation:

In most cases, do-it-yourselfers can install tank toilets successfully. The manufacturers of the toilets supply users with a manual to make the process as simple as possible for them. It’s possible that you won’t require the assistance of a plumber.

  1. Affordability:

Ensure you have enough money before installing any toilet. Tank toilets are less expensive than those with no tank. It’s simple enough to set up on your own. With this, you may save costs even further.

Tankless Toilet vs Tank Toilet: Comparison Chart

The followings are some characteristics that set these two apart from one another:

FeaturesTankless ToiletTank Toilet
The flushing systemNormally gravity-poweredElectric pumping pressure
DesignModern, minimalistic, and more space saver Traditional and bulky
Water usage1.6 gallons of water per flush3.5 gallons of water per flush
Power supplyRequired in these typesNot required on tank toilet
AffordabilityThese cost as high as $900These cost less
installationComplex, need a plumberIt is a DIY thing
Time of refillRapid refillSlower refill of the tank

Bottom Line

So now let’s sum up our points. If you live in a region where power outages are often, you shouldn’t use a tankless toilet. 

The flushing system of tank toilets relies on gravity. So they are the most common and least expensive models.

However, a tankless toilet is the best option if you’re looking for a more contemporary, aesthetically pleasing, and space-saving toilet. Therefore, you may have to spend a few dollars extra.

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