Can You use Toilet Bowl Cleaner in The Shower?

Toilet bowl cleaner is common product available in everyone’s toilet. Do you know that you can use toilet bowl cleaner in the shower? Many of us do not think of this matter. 

But your toilet bowl cleaner is not good for your shower areas because of some toxic elements, and it is better to use natural tile cleaners that are safer for the shower. So, this article is going to be helpful for you to understand which cleaner is not suitable for your shower cleaning purpose. 


Can You use Toilet Bowl Cleaner in the Shower Without any Harm?

Can You use toilet bowl cleaner in the shower without any harm
Can You use toilet bowl cleaner in the shower without any harm

Toilet bowl cleaners contain more chemicals than other cleaning agents for a bathroom. But these products remove the stains from the bowl quickly. The toxic elements of the bowl cleaner are harsh for shower areas. 

We all deserve a clean toilet and shower. Regular cleaning keeps the shower cleaner less dirty, and simple tiles cleaners can remove dirt. So, you should be careful about the cleaning agent. 

The porcelain bowl of the toilet is good for using bowl cleaners because they can easily remove germs and dirt and keep the bathroom bowl hygienic. But it is not the same for shower surfaces. If you regularly use these cleaners for shower surfaces, they can damage gradually and lose the glossy, and the harsh chemicals hurt the tiles. 

The Harmful Ingredients of Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The harmful ingredients of toilet bowl cleaner
The harmful ingredients of toilet bowl cleaner

You shouldn’t use toilet bowl cleaners in the shower because many cleaners have too many harsh ingredients: mainly bleach and hydrochloric acid. If your toilet bowl cleaner contains one of these active chemicals, you should keep it out of the shower.

Hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid is a cleaning agent that effectively removes stubborn dirt and stains. Toilet bowl cleaners contain the agent. It removes the stains quickly. But this strong ingredient is very corrosive. So, when you use it for the shower, it can damage the tiles. Besides, it can burn your hands.


Most toilet cleaners contain bleach, and it comes with whitening properties. Besides, it is a germ-killing agent. For this reason, it is the ingredient of toilet bowl cleaner. But this agent is not good for tiles and showers, and it damages the finish of the showerhead. 


In cleaning dirt, another effective agent is ammonia. It also works as bleach. So, it damages the shower tiles. The residue of ammonia also attracts dirt. 

What are The Alternatives to Toilet Bowl Cleaner for Showers?

What are the alternatives to toilet bowl cleaner for showers
What are the alternatives to toilet bowl cleaner for showers

You can use some simple and available ingredients from your kitchen to clean the shower instead of toilet bowl cleaners. They effectively clean the shower and shower tiles. Let’s see.


Vinegar has acidic properties. For this reason, it works well as a cleaning agent. But it is not so harsh as a toilet bowl cleaner. So, you can mix some vinegar with some water and make a solution. Then use it to clean the dirt and stains on shower tiles. 

Vinegar With Baking Soda

If your shower tiles and grout get dirtier, you can use vinegar and baking soda to clean them safely. Mix the right amount of the two ingredients and clean the tiles. 


We do not want that toilet cleaning agent damages our cozy toilets. So, as a careful step, do not use toilet bowl cleaner in the shower. Follow the above tips and keep your toilet, and shower clean and glossy. 

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