Saniflo Toilet Pros and Cons: Explore It for Your Bathroom Needs

Saniflo is a very popular toilet design in the UK, also known as a brand of macerating toilet. Instead of creating hassle and expense for traditional basement construction projects, saniflo is easier to set in any place of the house. 

If you decide to set up a saniflo at your house, it is essential to consider its pros and cons. If you are okay with the pros and careful with the cons, you can go for buying a saniflo then. saniflo toilet Pros and Cons

So let’s discuss the saniflo toilet pros and cons of Saniflo!

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What are The Pros of Saniflo Toilets?


Ease of Placement Anywhere

The most efficient advantage of saniflo is the ease of placement anywhere. You probably know that saniflo doesn’t need any floor drainage system. Hence, you can complete the installation process of saniflo anywhere you want in your house. Moreover, you do not need to dig or break your floor to set saniflo. 

Suitable for Small Bathroom

You may know that saniflo is small in size. But it is popular and recommended greatly because of its high and smooth performance and gorgeous looking. So if you are planning for a simple and small but stylish bathroom, saniflo is there for you. 

Simple to Install

Compared to conventional/ standard toilets, saniflo is easier to install with less time and cost. You need a lot of time, effort, and costs to set up a conventional/ standard toilet. 

Further, it needs to break and dig up the floor and be installed at a specific place. saniflo, in this case, saves time, effort, cost, and the hassles of the breaking floor.

Less Energy Usage

A saniflo toilet uses less energy compared to other brands. So, it will save some of your electric bills. 

Offers Extra Bathroom Fixtures

saniflo toilets offer some extra features. You can customize your bathroom more effectively with saniflo than with other toilets. Isn’t it an advantage?

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What are the Cons of Saniflo Toilets?

Totally Electricity Dependent

You can use the traditional toilets whenever you want. Further, electricity doesn’t matter in this case. But when it comes to saniflo, electricity is an important fact. The pumps of saniflo do not work without electricity. Every fixture connected to the pumps can not be used without power.

So, it is better to set up a generator when using Saniflo. 

Need to Flush Daily

It will be troublesome if you do not flush your saniflo at least once daily. If you flush saniflo regularly, you can avoid losing the tank’s prime. 

Additionally, if you go out for a long period and there is no one to flush saniflo, you must have to take advice from your installer. Otherwise, you can not save the saniflo from breaking down and being difficult to restore. 

Clogged Often

Macerator toilets like saniflo can easily be clogged. Without urine, feces, toilet paper, and other things like wipes or pads will harm the toilet. If this happens, you have to face a large difficulty and spend money to restore.

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Should I Check Local Building Codes Before Installing?

Should I Check Local Building Codes Before Installing
Should I Check Local Building Codes Before Installing

Yes, you should. It is better to research and check the local building codes before installing a Saniflo. You have to know whether this technology is allowed or not in your area. You have to do some extra activities and even have to pay for them. 


If you are looking for a temporary toilet and do not want the hassles of breaking or removing walls or flour, macerating toilet option like saniflo is there for you. 

Compared to traditional toilets, saniflo is quicker to install. So if you are in a hurry to set up a toilet, you can choose saniflo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Much Does it Cost to Install a Saniflo Toilet?

Answer: Two types of costs are available for installing a saniflo toilet. The first one is the cost of buying a saniflo product. The average cost for a saniflo product is £240. 

The next cost is about completing the installation process. And it will take an average of £500. Further, you can complete the whole saniflo system within £500 to £800. 

Question: What about the lasting of the Saniflo toilet?

Answer: The average lasting time for a saniflo toilet is 10 to 15 years. But it is not suitable for every model of saniflo. Some can last for less than ten years, and some for more than 15 years. But it highly depends on the proper maintenance and necessary repairs.

Question: Why should you use a Saniflo toilet?

There are plenty of advantages available at Saniflo toilets. Such as it is more simple to install, water-efficient, lasting like conventional toilets, and many more. So if you are comfortable with the pros and careful about the cons of a Saniflo toilet, you can use it. 

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