Can You Poop in a Macerator Toilet – Know The Easy Way!

A Macerator toilet is kind of a new toilet that brings evolution to the whole toiletries system. They don’t need to depend on gravity to flush the human waste. Rather this type of toilet uses a motor that uses high power blades and a grinder to mash up the waste. 

There’s been a mass number of searches on the internet that if one can use a macerator toilet like a regular toilet. But since they are new, people have lots of curiosity about them. If you are also thinking about this, we’re here to give you a clear idea.

So here’s, can you poop in a macerator toilet?

What is a Macerator Toilet?

a Macerator Toilet

The drain line in a standard toilet is located below the waste bowl in standard toilets. The toilet uses gravity to push the waste through this drain line to the septic tank. 

Macerator, the term means to break up or soften things. So you can get a preliminary idea that this kind of toilet mainly breaks or soften up the waste. It has a large container that is directly mounted behind the drain line. This container contains a grinder and some stainless steel blades. 

You can shift this kind of toilet easily and connect it to any compatible sinks, showers or other appliances. They can be installed anywhere without digging and without harming the structure of your building. You just need to find a suitable drain line in which it can throw its waste.

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How does a Macerator Work?

How does a Macerator Work
How does a Macerator Work

Unlike a regular toilet, a macerator toilet sends the waste directly to the large compartment behind it. In this compartment, the grinder and blades cut the waste and other hard particles into pieces. The macerator toilet uses a powerful motor to do this grinding.

The objective of this softening up is to pull out the waste easily to the septic tank. A normal toilet uses gravity to do this. So, it becomes so hard for a toilet in a basement or where bathroom lines are below grade to get the waste through the pipeline.

The macerator toilet releases the toilet plumbing system from this hardship. Besides, you don’t need to break the floor or wall to mount it since it’s pretty much easy to install in any outlet inside or outside your house.

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Can You Poop in a Macerator Toilet?

Can You Poop in a Macerator Toilet
Can You Poop in a Macerator Toilet

The most asked question on google now a day is can you really poop in a macerator toilet? The reason behind the question is people fear using it as they think it’s not going to work. Well, they are wrong. Manufacturers made these toilets so powerful that they can work in every possible emergency.

In reality, it’s not a big deal to poop in a macerator toilet. It’s pretty much the same as if you are using a regular one. The compartment of the wall-mounted toilet is compatible with breaking up medium hard materials like poop, tissue papers etc. These softened particles are easier to be sucked out when you use flush.

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Can You Poop in a Macerator Toilet – Conclusion

Using a macerator toilet may seem new to you, but it will work as fine as a regular toilet. It’s true that possible accidents can be nastier than expected, but you should make yourself get used to them. However, these toilets are more expensive than regular toilets, and they are not suitable for a bigger family.

So if you are thinking about saving money or installing a permanent toilet for your whole family, then you should go for a regular one.


Can you put toilet paper in a macerator?

Macerator toilets contain powerful steel blades and grinders. They can blend any soft and medium soft particles. So, of course, you can put toilet paper in a macerator but don’t do it on purpose.

What can go wrong with a macerator toilet?

Normally they are as reliable as a regular toilet. But in some cases, the functioning motor can stop working, or the blades can get twisted or broken. This causes serious problems like clogging the toilet or overflowing the toilet.

How long does a macerator pump last?

Actually, there are no certain time limits on how long a macerator pump can last. Some say it can survive up to 10 to 12 years, while others say 14 to 15 years. Hence, you can get service from a macerator toilet for about 12 to 15 years, depending on how you use it.

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